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My Boyfriend Is On Big Brother Canada (VLOG #28)

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Prohibition in Northern Canada: VICE INTL (Canada)

Officially founded in 1999, Nunavut is the youngest territory in Canada. It’s only been two generations since Canada’s stewardship of the land forced the Inuit people out of their semi-nomadic way of life and into a modern sedentary one. But while the introduction of contemporary conveniences seem to have made life more comfortable, the history of Canada in the arctic is mired in tragedy, and the traumatic effects of residential schools and forced relocations are still being felt.

Today, Nunavut is in a state of social crisis: Crime rates are four times the national average and the rates of suicide are more than ten times higher than the rest of Canada.

If you ask people here what the driving force of the problem is, a lot of them will say: alcohol. Even though alcohol is completely illegal in some parts of the territory, it’s been reported that 95 percent of police calls are alcohol-related.

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Les coulisses du tapis rouge: un teint lumineux | L’Oréal Paris Canada

Un teint lumineux est facile à obtenir avec les bons produits. Nous vous montrons ici comment créer ce look tapis rouge en utilisant trois produits clés:
True Match Lumi Cushion
True Match Illuminateur Liquide en Glacé C301
Infallible Silkissime en Highlighter
Y a-t-il un meilleur moment que la fin de semaine des Oscars pour essayer ce look?

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Behind the Red Carpet: Glowing Skin | L’Oréal Paris Canada

Glowing skin is easy to achieve when you have the right products.
Products used:
True Match Lumi Cushion
True Match Liquid Glow Illuminator in Ice C301
Infallible Silkissime in Highlighter
What better time than Oscars weekend to give it a try?

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