Gambling is a complex and multifaceted business, which requires a special casino management system to optimize and improve its quality. Administration programs are the foundation of entertainment resource and combine numerous site functions.

What is a casino management system

Internal administration functions and casino accounting procedures are the main basis for entertainment resource management. Complex software is the “foundation” of gambling location.

The casino management system is a structured set of programs and analytical components to obtain, systematize and process any external information. As a rule, it is an automated scheme that requires minimal human intervention.

Thanks to the presence of management tools, the owner of the gambling house can control and analyze every aspect of the site. From the actions of employees to the credit history and time of the game session of each user. This is the best way to present a full-fledged work of an entertainment resource and select the most effective business development strategies.

Functionality of gambling site administration systems

Depending on the vendor and the operator’s wishes, the casino management system may have a variety of options.

Modern solutions have such a set of options:

  • Automation management (automatic financial accounting of slots, management of electronic mechanisms of the device, reporting on the technical condition of the machine, setting up payment tables, etc.);
  • control of the game zone (monitoring of game trends, analysis of user preferences, information on the time of game sessions, notification of winnings);
  • gameplay analytics (client base, regular player statistics, blacklist user tracking, client activity monitoring);
  • Accounting and financial analytics (storage of financial history of the institution, administration of cash registers, reports on the amount of winnings, control of the option to accept interactive bets, etc.);
  • accompanying sales (work with suppliers, satisfaction of preferences of clients, reporting on work of the companies-intermediaries: restaurants, bars, taxi services);
  • financial operations (check of the status of bank cards, statistics of non-cash transactions, tracing of movement of chips, instant elimination of errors in the course of payment of services).

The list of options can be extended and expanded. As a rule, suppliers try to adapt the systems not only to the client’s wishes, but also to the criteria of the modern market. The quality of services directly affects the number of users of the resource and the general opinion about the efficiency and attractiveness of the gaming location.

Casino management software: basic modules

The modern product of gambling business administration is divided into such components:

  • User registration

The program is used for registration, registration of visits to the establishment, statistical processing, issuance of requests for registered cards. The software allows you to customize various search criteria for the database and get information about any actions of the client.

  • Game results analysis

The software is used to track users in real time. The product allows you to view the history of customers for any period of time and displays information about average bets, time of stay at the machine, the results of the game, etc. The software provides search of players on a database and calculation of results of session (including bonus charges for each concrete user).

  • Table statistics

The module is widely used in physical halls as well. The program captures the results of the sessions at the tables and conducts analytics with instant display of credits.

  • Facility’s cash desk

Accounting software for casinos is a complex module that controls all types of financial manipulation. The development allows you to obtain reporting data for any period of time and automatically generates reporting information on the selected categories of operations.

The module can be easily configured in accordance with the norms and procedures adopted in each individual institution. For example, the system can be equipped with the function of currency conversion at the optimal exchange rate.

  • Site manager

The casino management system is aimed at the implementation of comprehensive control and analysis of the gambling site. The set of functions of the module includes automatic generation of reporting documentation, collection of statistics, visitors’ and employees’ analytics.

  • Personnel management

The system is designed to create an internal database of location employees (questionnaires, work experience, photos and other information).

  • Information about the player

The module is aimed at collecting a dossier for each user of the resource: preferences, time and duration of visits, session results, credit history and much more.

  • Analysis of bonus offers

The casino management system also includes control of the user’s bonus account: additional points, calculation of rewards for active behavior on the site, withdrawal of winning funds to pay for related services.

  • Access control

The software allows you to create access levels and define the rights to use the internal functionality of the resource to certain programs. For example, access restriction to financial reports, control of employees during certain operations.

  • Site reporting

This module can be considered as an accompanying accounting software for casinos. It requires pre-designed systems for its operation, for which internal reporting documentation will be prepared in the future. The casino accounting procedures are automatic and do not require the intervention of third parties.