Canada given “Fossil Award” at Paris climate talks, despite Trudeau

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Holly Nicholas of TheRebel.Media reports:

This year, just like any other year, Canada received a Fossil Award at the Paris climate talks. But I thought Canada was back? And there was real change happening around here?

Canada sent 383 delegates to the climate talks in Paris using millions of taxpayer dollars, only to receive another fossil award. And fossil awards aren’t a good thing.

They’re handed out to countries that commit to climate action and don’t come through for example, or cause a set back in negotiations.

Canada has been the recipient of these awards for years – we’ve even won the Lifetime Unachievement Fossil Award. This time, the award was given to us for refusing to support a discussion on compensating poor countries vulnerable to natural events caused by climate change. And Justin Trudeau said we backed out of the discussion because it will end up costing our kids and grandkids. This coming after he’s spent billion dollars in the first month of governing.

But there’s more to this story – the Climate Action Network is doling out these awards and members include the Pembina Institute. You may remember that this institute is a left wing think tank that supports progressive projects. For example, they’re on board with an accelerated phase out of coal in Alberta. Marlo Raynolds, Chief of Staff to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change was once the Executive Director at the institute. And it looks like some of his friends might have given him an award for a terrible performance at the climate talks in Paris.

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