Chainsaws, Ladyhawk, & 1,000-Pound Pigs: Keep It Canada in British Columbia (Episode 6)

In the final episode of Keep It Canada’s first season, Matty explores organic urban farming in British Columbia with Shira from The Acorn and Paul of Hannah Brook Farms. Matty gets real deep with Paul in a sauna, cuts down a tree with a chainsaw, enjoys a salmon lunch in the foot of the mountains, and bonds with two 1,000-pound pigs before heading back to Vancouver to reconnect with his extremely talkative friends from the band Ladyhawk.

While in Vancouver, Matty explores the city’s Asian food scene, dinning at Meanam and Peaceful Restaurant before stopping at the Granville Island Market to shop for ingredients for a West Coast-inspired Whistler chalet feast. Finally, we head up to the top of Whistler Blackcomb to partake in Matty’s favourite Olympic sport: snow tubing.

See you next season, trolls!

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