There are many factors that can condition your preference for one betting house or another. We talk about customer service, language, payment methods for depositing and withdrawing, available coins, interface design, availability of mobile version. There is no doubt that every sparrow has its own breakwater, so we recommend that you consult the platforms available in your territory to find the one that best suits your tastes.

1. Must offer your favourite sport or sports

Without a doubt, one of the criteria to take into account when choosing a betting house is to know the range of sports it offers.

Betting operators usually offer the most popular bets such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, cycling, hockey, baseball, golf, boxing, martial arts, water polo and rugby.

They also include other sports such as motorcycling, horse riding, greyhound racing, surfing, ping pong, badminton, darts or winter sports. Some even add virtual sports or esports. To the list of sports offered also add all kinds of championships.

2. You must have a local or international license

It is very important to choose a betting house that is licensed or regulated by your country’s regulatory body. The seal of the regulatory body in the betting house promotes responsible gambling. We only offer legal and licensed sports bookmakers.

Some of the best sports bookmakers where you can safely try your luck from Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico are 1xBET, Bet365, Bwin, 888sport,, Kirolbet, WilliamHill, Betfair, Codere, Paf, Luckia, Wanabet, Betsson, Circus, Pastón and MarathonBet. Check out the reviews and bonuses for each one before playing for real money.

Types of Betting Bonuses

Initially, betting houses were physical establishments and later, as in the case of casinos, they began to move into the virtual world. As a result, you can find an infinite number of online bookmakers for gambling from Spain or Latin America.

There are also bookmakers that combine online betting with betting in physical establishments. For example, in Kirolbet or Codere you can physically bet and withdraw your winnings from home or the other way around.

Many online casinos are adding a section for sports betting with bonuses only for sports:

  • Welcome bonuses: they grant a certain amount of money for the first deposit in the betting house.
  • Registration bonuses: they grant a certain amount for free bets for the fact of registering. Their use is limited in time.
  • Daily bonuses: give free money for bets to deposit or bet on a specific day.
  • Cashback bonuses: they return a set percentage of the losses produced from the bets during the validity of the bonus.
  • Sport, championship, tournament bonuses: provide money for free bets for betting on a given sport, championship or tournament.

Deposit bonuses from bookmakers must be paid back a certain number of times over a period of time. Remember that not all bets have the same payoff value, you should consult the conditions.

Single, Combined, Multiple Bets and Cheers

The variety of sports bets that you can access in the best bookmakers is wide. In simple or simple probability bets there are only 2 possible and opposite results. You have to choose only one of them.

Multiple bets or multiple probability are those where you can offer more than 2 results. For example, who will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the World Cup? You have the possibility to hit up to 3 options.

Combined bets are like single bets accumulated in a single pack. For example, Argentina plays against Spain and Peru against Colombia, what selection will win in each match? The last two types of bets can vary or be exchanged depending on the house. You should always consult the instructions of the platform.

The cheers are a bet on a pot to be distributed among the winning participants. The cheers are born in the bets made between friends, whose jackpot is accumulated only from the amounts bet by the players.

Pre- and Live Betting

Preliminary bets are placed at any time before the match begins. The thrill of a live match is provided by live betting. You can find it in the Live section of the casino to bet live while the game is being played. You can even follow the competition by streaming from the website of the betting house.


There are surebets, safe bets or professional bets. It is a bet made on all possible forecasts in order to ensure some profit. Initially, users placed all bets in a single betting house. When the operators realized it, they began to penalize such practices and blocked these players. Nowadays, they bet in several houses at the same time or through the so-called bookmakerso bookmakers.

What are sports betting odds?

The odds of a bet determines the size of the profit by multiplying the amount bet: the higher the odds, the higher the prize if you hit it.

Generally, the odds are related to the popularity of a forecast. The fewer people who have put their luck in an answer, the better this option will be and the other way around. In this sense, the odds vary along with the percentage of bets decided for one side of the scale or the other, but the odds applied in your game is always the one in force at the time of the bet.

In short, the odds of a sports bet is the value of the bet, like the coefficient of the bets on the slots, and, obviously, it is a very important factor to take into account.

What do the limits on sports betting mean?

The bookmakers usually indicate a minimum and maximum amount for each type of bet. Sometimes they also limit the amount of bets allowed in a tournament, match or with the same strategy to avoid surebets.