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Here is the intervention that my mother has just undergone.

A macular preretian membrane is responsible for visual disorders, the only means of improvement is surgery: vitrectomy. Click here for the cost of a rhinoplasty in las vegas.

Otherwise the membrane may cause a progressive aggravation of the visual deformations which become more and more troublesome, until disturbing the vision of the other eye and eventually lead to a progressive decrease in the central visual acuity.
However, this affection never leads to complete blindness (my mother had only 1/10).

The procedure is performed under a microscope and represents a major surgical procedure, because the vitreous body is removed (vitrectomy).
In a second step, using micro-instruments, the membrane is “peeled” from the surface of the retina.

The difficulty of this coat is imperfectly evaluated in preoperative, it will be appreciated by the surgeon during the intervention. It may happen that it is not possible to completely remove the membrane, as it may cause greater damage to the retina.
At the end of the operation, an injection of gas into the eye is often performed.

Thanks for Mom Dorine!

Yes she went out on Wednesday and returned home, she was entitled to a VSL transport.
The nurses come and put her drops in her eyes.

For her the surgery went well, the surgeon to whom I was able to speak the day after the surgery, made it clear to me that he could remove the entire membrane, ‘Was a woman the surgeon) had not planned for the preoperative consultation, the precision was that the membrane was very very thick but well laitated “removed” now it only remains to wait to see if it Will recover his vision (one of the risks of the intervention is to lose everything what remained in case of failure) otherwise it is necessary to wait between six months and a year to see the positive effects of the intervention.
For now, it is generated by the gas bubble in the eye, it must have the maximum of time head down, ie look on the ground … or hold its head as if it had the Migraine … so sleeping lying for the moment is not allowed … it’s the hardest, it gives him plenty of various muscles and varied! The aim of the gas is to restore the retina by pressing it, it starts gradually between a week and a month
(It gives the impression of having water in the eye).

As for the procedure, it is completely painless. It has been performed under general anesthesia (GA) because it is absolutely not necessary to move, but can be performed under AL (local anesthesia). One hour maximum intervention, two hours in the recovery room … and voila.

The next day, when I went to see her, we played cards!
This Thursday she must see her ophthalm on Boulogne, as he is from the same university and he always works with them, it is he who will do post-op care. (The threads having to be resorbed by themselves)