Elections Canada contract to AFN must be investigated

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Brian Lilley of TheRebel.Media reports:

Elections Canada, the impartial, non-partisan arbiter of what is allowed in Canadian elections, signed a contract with the Assembly of First Nations and paid them nearly one million dollars to increase voter turnout among aboriginals.

The AFN was supposed to encourage First Nations members to register to vote and teach them how to get ID if they needed it.

Another thing the AFN was required to do (according to the contract) was be non-partisan.

But the AFN is a completely political group and Elections Canada should know that.

I’m sure no one was surprised when AFN leaders made political comments and endorsed candidates during the election on an “Anybody But Conservative” basis.

Elections Canada pushed through a sole sourced contract to the AFN – a contract worth just shy of one million dollars even though the norm in government circles is that any contract above 25 thousand dollars must be put out to tender.

Whether you vote Conservative, Liberal, NDP or Green, every Canadian should want fair and impartial elections. How confident do you feel that this is the case when one of the groups selected to run the voter outreach had key leaders pushing an anybody but Conservative message?

Do you think this would stand if the Canadian Taxpayers Federation was chosen to push a low tax message while also getting a million dollars to register people to vote?

The whole contract stinks and Elections Canada refuses to answer key questions about the situation including whether or not they’ll rescind any part of this ongoing contract in the next election.

We can’t have advocacy groups that push a particular message getting large sums of government money to increase voter turnout.

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