Heard: “Canada has one of the most radical socialist governments in the Western world”

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Brian LIlley of TheRebel.Media reports:

It would be hard to argue that the top political story of 2015 wasn’t Justin Trudeau’s win in the federal election.

But the win was just the beginning of this new chapter for Canada.

Yes, government’s defeat themselves and perhaps that’s true for Harper and the conservatives but we can’t ignore the many unusual factors in the election and what, if anything, do those unusual things foreshadow about how Canada might change?

I sit down for a discussion with veteran journalist and campaigner Ray Heard for his take on how the Liberals won, what he thinks of Justin’s performance so far and what kind of Prime Minister he’ll be.

We also discuss the criminality of the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals in Ontario and the destruction taking place in the “Texas of Canada” under the Notley NDP government in Alberta.

We can argue about what lost the election for the Harper conservatives but it’s hard to argue with Ray about Canada having the most radical socialist government in the western world.

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