Kevin O’Leary talks Tory leadership: Will Trump effect come to Canada?

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Brian Lilley of TheRebel.Media reports:

The Media Party is so excited about Kevin O’Leary (Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank) speculating about entering the Conservative Party leadership race.

Like Trump, he’s a brash, outspoken outsider who by his own admission, has been politically agnostic.

Also like Trump, O’Leary will likely suck up all the oxygen in the room.

Of course the Media Party loves it because they’ll say he’s great or denounce him by turns, just as long as he continues to give them reasons to talk about him.

There’s no doubt he’s right on many fiscal matters, like recently when he identified Rachel Notley’s NDP as a big part of the problem in Alberta.

He can and should continue to make his voice heard from outside of party politics.

In these times of Liberal “Sunny Ways” that are just so much recycled 1970’s socialism, Canada could definitely use his voice of experience.

But Conservative Party members would prefer someone more reliably Conservative to lead the party.

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