Meteor ALERT: Denmark/Brasil/Australia/Canada & India One Killed Three Injured by Meteorite Fall?

Tamil Nadu, India – One Killed Three Injured by Meteorite Fall
A meteorite crashed into an engineering college in Vellore district on Saturday , causing an explosion that killed one man and injured three others, the Tamil Nadu government said on Sunday.
Scientists, however, said it wasn’t clear how the government concluded that a meteorite strike caused the blast. There has been no established death due to a meteorite hit in recorded history, they said.
If a meteorite indeed caused the death, bus driver Kamaraj will be the first person ever to have died in a meteorite strike.

Denmark Fireball Meteor 07FEB2016
Saturday night, hundreds of Danes reported the sky suddenly lit up and a loud bang followed shortly after.

Paraiba, Brasil Fireball Meteor 07FEB2016

Australia Fireball Meteor w 06FEB2016
Australia Fireball Meteor Approx. 2000 AWST / 2200 EDST 06FEB2016 Fragmentation reported!

NW Ontario, Canada Fireball Meteor 05FEB2016 w/ Fragmentation


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– Notes for viewers- these clips were used for illustration only-
1) Re-entry of the Japanese Hayabusa spacecraft on 13 June 2010.
2) Moonglow ISS 12/12/2014
3) Europe Aurora ISS 2012/04/05
4) Aurora Australis ISS 2012/03/04
5) Earth – ESA/HUBBLE

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