Trudeau announces Canada to seek UN Security Council seat – cost is too high

Brian Lilley reports that Justin Trudeau went to New York to announce that Canada would be seeking a seat on the UN Security Council as if that’s a good thing. Brian sets out reasons why Canadians and Trudeau need to remove our rose coloured glasses about the UN and save the time and money it would cost to secure that seat. MORE

Justin Trudeau must not use taxpayer dollar to fund UNRWA or any organization that has been linked to HAMAS.

Video of helicopter escape from St-Jérôme jail made public, Quebec, Canada

Footage Shows Inmates Escaping Canadian Jail By Helicopter
Dramatic Video Of Canada Prison Break

Dramatic video has emerged of two prisoners escaping from a Canadian jail by helicopter.

It was filmed by prison guards in Quebec in 2013, and has come to light during the unrelated trial of one of the two escapees,


CANADA — Video released Tuesday in Canada shows a daring prison escape using a helicopter.
Two prisoners were filmed dangling from a hijacked helicopter which had landed on the prison’s roof.

Canada Prison Break

Dramatic Video Of Canada Prison Break
Video of prison break released
Dramatic video has emerged of two prisoners escaping from a Canadian jail by helicopter.

It was filmed by prison guards in Quebec in 2013, and has come to light during the unrelated trial of one of the two escapees, Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau.

He made headlines in March 2013 when he and another prisoner, Danny Provencal, escaped from a Montreal detention centre.

Two armed accomplices had hijacked a helicopter and forced its pilot to land on the roof of the jail.

In the video, Hudon-Barbeau and Provencal appear to have difficulty climbing onto the roof.

They both cling to the rope, which is attached to the helicopter. As the chopper takes off, it carries Hudon-Barbeau and Provencal with it.

The four suspects eventually forced the pilot of the hijacked helicopter to land and they made their getaway in a car. The pilot was found unharmed.

Hudon-Barbeau, Provencal and their accomplices were arrested just hours later. The two inmates have pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the hijacking and escape.

The union that represents the prison guards said they did not have guns to confront the armed accomplices, and so they had no option but to watch the drama unfold through the security cameras.

In the video, at least one accomplice can be seen holding what appears to be a handgun.

Hudon-Barbeau was serving time at the provincial jail for gun possession at the time of his escape.

A similar incident happened in November 2014, when three inmates also escaped via helicopter from a detention centre near Quebec City

Watch inmates cling to rope from hijacked helicopter in daring prison escape

Convicts Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau and Danny Provençal hung on above the ground for six minutes during their jail break
Hanging from a rope tied to a hijacked helicopter this is the incredible moment a Hells Angels sympathiser and jail mate escape from a Canadian prison .

For the first time a video showing Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau and Danny Provençal fleeing the jail in St-Jérôme, Quebec, has been made public.

It was shown to a jury charged with hearing two counts of murder and three of attempted murder against Hudon-Barbeau to which he has pleaded not guilty.

The 38-year-old made international headlines in March 2013 after he was sprung from prison by two armed accomplices who had hijacked a helicopter and forced its pilot to fly to the jail.

Hudon-Barbeau and Provençal can be seen climbing up a rope attempting to reach the waiting chopper but encountering difficulties as they try and reach the roof on which the aircraft had landed.

For six minutes the pair hang above the ground.

Video of helicopter escape from St-Jérôme jail made public, Quebec, Canada
Inmates Escape In Helicopter Quebec, Canada
Prisoners dangle from rope and slip down side of building in video of Quebec helicopter prison break
Video of prison break released
Video of helicopter prison break shows convicts’ 6-minutes attempt to escape
Helicopter getaway as prisoners escape Canadian prison
New video of prison escape aboard hijacked helicopter
Video shows prisoners struggling to climb rope in Que. helicopter escape

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PROOF Liberals lied about Conservatives’ Canada Revenue ‘witch hunt’ audits

Brian Lilley discusses how some charities are putting pressure on the Liberal government to end the auditing of charities that was initiated by the Harper government in 2012. Brian provides the facts that demonstrate that contrary to what these groups claim, these audits are simple due diligence, not a witch hunt. MORE

David Suzuki’s partisan political Foundation is breaking charity laws.
SIGN OUR PETITION telling Canada Revenue to