Quebec’s largest city, Montreal, has been nicknamed “The Paris of North America.” Is Quebec a hybrid of both Canada and France, or something unique of its own?



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Quebec Saveur: The province has undergone ‘a revolution of the palate’ — Quebecers aren’t averse to fast food, but they’ve also created their own haute cuisine.
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“Quebecers boast a solid reputation as epicurean bon vivants and, indeed, they drink more red wine than other Canadians, go out of their way to buy fresh bread at the corner bakery, and can find dozens of locally made, raw-milk cheeses at the supermarket. But as Cadillac’s supposed birthplace suggests in a warped kind of way, they also know about fast food, and have given the world some gems of their own: poutine,”

What is the difference between college and university in Canada?…
“The words “college” and “university” have different meanings in different English-speaking countries. In Canada, colleges and universities are different institutions – usually, colleges have different kinds of programs than universities do.”

Why Quebec Is Predominately French Today…

“Why is Québec predominately French today? Well, because her forefathers, the very first Europeans to explore the land, were also French. While there were First Nations peoples already living in the area, a few wars and other things that could’ve made Québec English speaking, her roots are that of France and this can be seen in her founding fathers.”


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