SNOW in Canada & New Year’s Eve 캐나다 눈 & 새해


Happy New Year, guys! 😀

It’s hard to believe that 2015 flew by SO very quickly!

Over the last week, it has definitely felt like a typical Canadian winter! We’ve already had two snowstorms merely days apart, and the temperatures have dropped quite a bit as well. Kyuho and I had a BLAST playing in the snow, having snowball fights, and building a snowman, haha. It’s been a while since we experienced such heavy snowfalls, as it really doesn’t snow much in Seoul–just a few centimetres at most.

We also spent a chill New Year’s Eve at my brother, Kevin’s and his girlfriend, Jackie’s apartment with a few friends and kitties while eating pulled pork, hehe.

Hope you guys had a fun New Year’s as well, and we wish you all the best 2016! 😀