VATSIM: Shared Cockpit CRJ-200 | Air Canada Jazz | Departure from Boston (FSX)

Flying on the VATSIM network with my friend Emil, this time as Air Canada Jazz flight 8894, CRJ-200 service from Boston Logan Int’l (KBOS) to Halifax (CYHZ). We departed with partial ATC coverage (Boston Ground was online) before resuming our own navigation. I was in the right seat as First Officer handling radios as Emil flew from the left seat. Stick around for the bonus footage at the end. More information below!

00:43 – Pre-start Checklist
03:07 – Requesting IFR Clearance
04:09 – Doors Closed / Passengers Dead
05:00 – Pushback / Engine Start Checklist
07:47 – Requesting Taxi
10:12 – Emil Violates an FAA Regulation
11:24 – Takeoff on RWY 33L
16:49 – Cabin Announcement

Callsign: JZA8894 (Air Canada “Jazz”)
Aircraft: Canadair CRJ-200 (IRIS Simulations)
Route: KBOS-CYHZ (Boston Logan Int’l to Halifax Int’l)

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