You can’t say cunt in Canada … for Steve Talon

So apparently the word cunt isn’t as widely embraced in Canada as it is in Australia – and that is a shame; because when utilised to its full potential, cunt proves itself to be a versatile and downright beautiful word that rolls off the tongue with elegance and grace.

So without being pushy or disrespectful, I urge all Canadians to reconsider the word cunt – because I sincerely believe you’re missing out on one of the great words of the English language.

Here’s all the wonderful Australian talent from the video …

Australia, yeah cunt – Australia’s new national anthem:

Shooter Williamson – you can’t say this word:

Jim Jefferies – Cunt Jokes:

Comedy Inc – Ernest & friends – the fat controller:

Christopher Pyne calls Shorten C-bomb in parliament:

Kevin Bloody Wilson – you can’t say cunt in Canada:

Cheers cunts,

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